Schools Using Google Apps Receive 25GB Email Boost

Google Apps for Education Receives 25GB Email Accounts

Since launch, Gmail has been notorious for offering more space and features than other email providers.  At present, you can get close to 8GB of space for free with a regular account.  Now, Google is giving education organizations a further incentive to “go Google.”  All email accounts signed up through a Google Apps for education account will receive 25GB of storage.  An extra 17GB isn’t too shabby!

Google says that the changes should happen immediately for all new accounts opened from now on.  For existing accounts, the changes should be reflected starting in July (next week).  However, this 25GB of storage applies to email only.  Google Docs will still be limited to 1GB of free space, which is where the space is really needed in my opinion.  If online storage was the reason schools are switching, wouldn’t Microsoft’s 25GB Skydrive for domains make more sense?

More interesting is the variety of schools signing up for Google Apps.  At one end you have K1-12 (elementary through high-school) , and on the other are universities like Brown and Northwest.  And, the schools “going Google” aren’t just in one region, Google’s education customers are spread out globally.

Google education customer map

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