Google Announces Revenue Sharing on YouTube

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Well, that’s nice!  :)

Today Google Announced they will begin inviting individuals with popular videos into their YouTube PartnerShip Program (YPP.)  Now when you upload a video to Youtube, and it becomes popular, Google will invite you to monetize the video and start earning cash from the advertising place in and around the video.  Here’s an excerpt from their site:

Once you’ve chosen to enable revenue sharing, YouTube will sell advertising against your video and pay you a revenue share into your Google AdSense account each month. (If you don’t have an AdSense account, you’ll have the opportunity to create one.) Individual video partnerships will not be eligible for many of the benefits of user partnerships, like enhanced channel features or the ability to monetize other videos in your account, so we encourage you to apply to be a member of the YPP. We’ll consider your individual video partnerships when reviewing your YPP application. For now individual video partnerships are available only in the United States, but we hope to roll these out internationally soon.


All very good news.  It’s nice to see Google is stepping up and rewarding those whose Videos go viral.  Very Groovy indeed!

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