Google Releases Analytics gadget for iGoogle

Google Analytics Gadget for iGoogleToday Google announced the release of the Official Google Analytics iGoogle Gadget in their first of 3 posts containing holiday gifts.

This first “gift” is a treat for webmasters using Google Analytics (Google’s website stats service) and iGoogle (Google’s personalized homepage).



What you get is a gadget for iGoogle that allows you to access your Google Analytics stats from your iGoogle homepage. This way, when you just want to take a quick glance at how you’re doing traffic-wise, you don’t need to go to your account. The widget is not the most complex one, but it is useful enough. It provides reports for visitors, traffic sources, goals and content and you can see these for 7, 30 and 90 days.

It also allows you to switch between your Google Analytics profiles if you have analytics installed on multiple websites.

Got your interest? If so, click here to install the widget.



  1. Jose Besaw

    HTML might be a bit more work to update, but it is definitely less vulnerable with less chances of people hacking it (ie, javascript and ajax)

  2. Luuk Davidson

    It’s a shame that iGoogle disappeared. Fortunately is a good alternative.

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