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Google PlusSince the launch of Google+, I’ve been busy keeping up with the invite requests from readers and friends looking for an invite.  Although I’ve been able to invite over a hundred people, the process is very slow and cumbersome…

Good news – yesterday Google updated its invite process and opened the flood gates into the system.  Google+ users have been given an invite link which can be used to invite 150 of their friends to the service.

Now before I share my link with you, (don’t worry… it’s coming!) I would like to ask that once you get signed up, you come back here and donate your link in the comments section below. This is important because with only 150 invites, I expect my invites to run-out quickly.

Sound fair?  Do we have a deal?

Fantastic! – Click Here for a Google+ Invite

Update 8/8  My 150 Invites were consumed in a matter of hours.  The GOOD news is many of our readers donated their invite links below in our comments.  And as of 8/28 – many still have invites left in them.  

Update 8/14 – HUGE thank you to everyone donating their invite links to the comments below!





  1. ShockerSh

    So I already have an account however I’ll never use all my invites.

    Here ya go – Enjoy these invites!

  2. limerockcodger

    Cool!!! Thanks much, once again ;)

    • MrGroove

      You’re welcome!

  3. Dyanne@TravelnLass

    I used ShockerSh’s link (thanks SSh!) ‘cuz… though I tried repeatedly, the gP post would never fully load. ;( All I could get was the comments. Actually, this has been happening a lot lately with gP.

    It likewise seems to happen with some WordPress sites – any chance that gP is hosted by WP? Maybe that’s the problem…

    • MrGroove

      You’re welcome. And yes, I’m using wordpress. What didn’t load? The link or the entire article?

      • Dyanne@TravelnLass

        The entire article. So too, the entire article when I clicked on the link in the email notification of your reply just now. It seems the only way I can open the article is to first go to your home page and then click on “Read more”.

        And yes, often it seems with WordPress blogs, they perpetually load – part of the post comes in, but there’s often a “Read” or “Read…” or some such that continues to load but never finishes. Sometimes when I stop the download of the page, all is well, but sometimes, the page never does come in completely. I could be wrong but it seems it’s only with WordPress blogs – that’s why I asked.

        In any case – thanks much for the posting and thanks again to ShockerSh for the link to his invite.

      • GrammarNozzle

        Yeah, the article loads fine for me, and the comments ALMOST load fine for me but for some reason “you’re” keeps showing up as “your.”


        • MrGroove

          nice jack… ;)

    • ShockerSh

      awesome – glad I could donate to the cause.

    • MrGroove

      You’re welcome and thank you for the donation!

  4. UkeFox

    Hey, tanks for the invite. Here is my invite link I’d like to donate.

  5. Alexei

    Hi Steve!

    Thank you :) I am IN as well.

    Here we go… my link below please:

  6. Amy

    Thanks for the invite! Don’t know if anyone still needs them, but here is my link just in case:

  7. Darren

    • MrGroove

      You bet Luke! And thank you for the donation to all the other readers! We’ve received a good number or links so I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be running out of invites anytime soon. Awesome!

  8. Ladie Elle

    tyvm been trying to get into google plus for some time now finally w/ your invite got in tx bunches :) heres my invite link:

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