Galaxy S 4G – No Gingerbread :(

T-Mobile has decided to put a sign-up page on its website, advertising the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G. Apart from allowing you to sign up and be notified when the phone will be available, the page also provides some specs for Samsung’s Android device, but no front picture (it does have an outline, though, suggesting that the form factor won’t change much).

According to the T-Mobile website, the phone will have a “Brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen display”, but will run Android 2.2.

What I don’t understand (correct me if I’m wrong) is why Samsung and T-Mobile would choose to launch something that’s a flagship device (it does provide a great screen and an excellent data transfer speed – up to 21 Mbps – among other interesting features), running Android 2.2, when everybody is looking forward to Android 2.3 Gingerbread phones at the moment????  Anyone???

Sony Ericsson (a company which was previously known for the delay in switching to the latest Android versions), has announced the Xperia Arc (a smartphone running Gingerbread) at CES 2011 and it would seem that even Nokia is considering Android



  1. Koutheir Attouchi

    I don’t have a direct answer, but it can be for stability reasons: Using the before-last version of the OS is a stability guard…

    • Bogdan

      It is, but everybody is waiting for the latest version at the moment. And you expect that on a flagship device.

      • Koutheir Attouchi

        True, but that can be done later on as a On-The-Air (OTA) update.
        Remember that an average mobile phone user does not insist on the last OS version. If you insist on the last version, then you can do it later once you buy the device.

        • Bogdan

          True, but it’s still an image thing to release your best device with the latest OS. ;)

          • Vadim Schmidt

            Well…. if you think about. 90% of the population is going to just want something that works. They don’t want to hack, root, jailbreak etc….

            SO yeah, I agree with Bogdan. They just want a phone that works. They should have shipped it with the best OS possible rather than settle to get it out fast.

            Then again, XBOX launched early, took the market share and by the time PS3 launched… the race was almost over. So… I guess I agree with Koutheir on that side.

            So, I think your both right! ;)

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