Friday Fun: The Future is Awesome. This is How Memory is Made.

Have you ever wondered how those USB drives and SD cards are manufactured?  Originally I looked at this for about 30 seconds, but after watching it, I totally geeked out and had to know more.   Did you know that it takes 8 months to make a chip? If you’ve ever seen the Discovery Channel show “How It’s Made,” then you’re prepared for what you’re about to see here.

This video was made in the Micron wafer facility in Lehi, Utah.  There are only 3 of these plants in the world, and the intricacy of each is truly remarkable, specifically the nearly fully automated one that we’ll look at in the video below.  Enjoy!

This video was originally designed to be marketing material for Lexmark, but it turns out that it is also extremely educational.  For those of you curious about the filming process, Lexmark said the video was captured using a “Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with 32GB Lexar Professional 600x CF cards.”

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