Watch the Firefox 4 Launch Live Download Stats

Watch Firefox 4 Download Statistics In A groovy live format

As mentioned, today is the official launch day for Firefox 4 final.  The Mozilla servers are braced for impact and ready to accept the millions of upgrades and fresh downloads that the new verison brings in, and as of writing this post it’s already surpassed the 1 million mark.  Mozilla put together a groovy site for tracking the download statistics of the new release in real-time, and you can view it too. 

We’ve been tracking Firefox 4’s development through the 12 phases of beta and the release candidate, so we’re pretty excited about today.  And, we’re not the only ones – the Firefox 4 clients and updates have been averaging about 6000 downloads per minute since early this morning when the final version first went live.

You can check out the live statistics for yourself at!

Just incase the site goes down, or the traffic becomes less impressive, we’ve uploaded a video.



  1. limerockcodger

    Anybody had any problems with the 3 addons that are mission critical for me?
    Flash block
    and is there a FF4 version of google toolbar

    Think I’ll wait to see if these tools work on 4 before I go ahead with my install.

    feed back appreciated

  2. goLfie

    Did you know that you can click on a continent and it will give you detailed country information. Then you can click on a country and it will give you State/Province information! It’s pretty great for anyone studying the geographical userbase of FF4.

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