Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

As planned, Mozilla just released version 9 of their Firefox 4 beta.  The update comes almost a month behind schedule, but they’ve put in a lot of effort on this one.  So what’s new since version 8?

In beta 9, Mozilla has only changed a few of the noticeable features.  This time around we have a complete revamp of the bookmarks and history code, and compartment garbage collection has been enabled.  What that really means is an overall improvement on browser startup time and the performance animation rendering.  But, the real improvements are what is going on in the not-so-noticeable background.

According to the Mozilla planning development group, they have roughly 160 known bugs (hard blockers) remaining.  They been chopping away, but there are still a few bugs to be discovered before they get to the release candidate.  If you want to help the development team, you can pick up a copy of the latest version and start testing it out then start submitting reports of any bugs that you happen to encounter.

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