Facebook is the Grooviest Site and Search Term in 2010

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Facebook How-To Tips, Tutorials and NewsFacebook has outranked Google in 2010 in terms of page views, as well as the most searched term of the year, a report by Internet analytics company Experian Hitwise says.

According to the report Facebook was the most visited website in 2010, accounting for 8.93% of all visits in the US (that’s for the time between January and November 2010, but it’s hard to imagine that December data could change things too much). Facebook was followed by with 7.19%, and Yahoo Mail – 3.52%.

Yahoo was fourth, with 3.30% and YouTube was fifth – 2.65%.

Could that mean that people have stopped searching for information and only want to look for other people’s vacation pictures? 🙂 Could be…

Especially since the same report reveals that the most searched term in 2010 was “facebook” (2.11% of all searches), followed by “facebook login” and “youtube”. But that’s not all. Four variations of the search for Facebook were in the top 10 (apart from “facebook” and “facebook login”, there’s also “” and “”).

And since Facebook plays such a big part in the story of the internet today, why not try a browser that helps you make better use of it?



  1. why in the hell do people search for people need to learn the difference between the search bar and the address bar…or learn how to use bookmarks.


    • Bogdan  

      Beats me… But I have actually seen friends do it. They will type and then type the address. I have no idea why you would want to do that….

  2. Robin  


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