Facebook (finally) Unveils App for Feature Phones

This seems to have taken ages, but it’s finally happening. Facebook appears to have finially realized that not everyone using Facebook owns a smartphone so they have developed a Java app for feature phones, together with Snaptu (it was announced on the Facebook blog, I’m not making this up :) ).  Facebook says it runs on over 2500 types of mobile phones, from some of the most popular brands.

I did try to… well, try it on my Feature phone… :) (you can do so too by pointing your mobile phone browser to, but I was pushed back in an instant because my mobile operator doesn’t currently support the app. Why is this? Well, it’s because Facebook has partnerships with 14 mobile operators around the world, and these operators are offering their users free data traffic with the app over the next 90 days. Why it isn’t possible to use it on my own data traffic plan is beyond me…

The list of the operators currently supporting the app (Facebook says there are more partnerships on the way) can be seen below:

Launching today:

  • Dialog (Sri Lanka)
  • Life (Ukraine) Play (Poland)
  • StarHub (Singapore)
  • STC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Three (Hong Kong)
  • Tunisiana (Tunisia)
  • Viva (Dominican Republic)
  • Vodafone (Romania)

Launching soon:

  • Mobilicity (Canada)
  • Reliance (India)
  • Telcel (Mexico)
  • TIM (Brazil)
  • Vivacom (Bulgaria)

If you don’t see your carrier listed above, supported, don’t despair as you should be given a link to download Snaptu. It provides a better Facebook experience than the Facebook mobile web page.

Just in case you didn’t know, Facebook has been the most sought after search term in 2010 so I guess this is news after all…  ;)

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