Delicious Update Released : Better Search and Twitter Support

Delicious Logo :: groovyPost.comToday my favorite link bookmarking site Delicious updated its service to include new Twitter, and Email Sharing features (among other updates.)  I found out about the update when Firefox prompted me to install the new Plugin. (Sorry, no love for IE users as of yet. Yahoo??  Any update on that?)

Delicious Upgrade Notification

To use the functionality, you just need to have a Twitter account and friends to email. :)  From there you just enter @Twitter in the SEND field and allow with any email addresses where you want to send the page URL.

Delicious SEND settings feature for twitter


All in all, not incredibly groundbreaking being that I already use this same functionality with my .  FriendFeed pulls all my activity from Delicious, DIGG, StumbleUpon and of course groovyPost and then displays it so people can follow and keep track of me – Checkout to see what I mean.


FriendFeed Twitter Settings

From there I can configure FriendFeed to publish my “FEED” to Twitter or pick and choose which services specifically to post to Twitter.  So for me, I probably won’t be using the feature all that often. However, for those who don’t use FriendFeed or similar service, the upgrade is likely to be a good thing.


BTW – If you’re looking to follow me personally on Delicious or other services, here’s a list of my current accounts:


Our Operators are standing by!!!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. shockersh

    I don’t use twitter now will I ever. It’s for idiots and fanboys. That being said, I think it’s a nice tool for spambots and companies who want to free advertising.

    I do however use delicious so thnx for the FYI.

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