Chrometa for Mac Released–Hassle-free Time Tracking

Chrometa Mac Client releasedBack in January, we were invited to review the beta release of . As a quick recap, Chrometa is a web-based time tracking software that was originally geared towards professionals who bill by the hour (e.g. lawyers, designers, guardian angels). Chrometa has since reinvented itself as a full-featured time management app that keeps tabs on which programs you use throughout the day and presents it in readable, aesthetically pleasing reports. It even checks up on what you were doing when you were away from the computer.

My takeaway is that it’s very similar to RescueTime, but a bit more friendly. It’s sort of like if were to get into the time management game. Chrometa automates everything that can possibly be automated while still allowing you the flexibility to sort, categorize and manually tweak entries.  The big problem with most time management programs is that they end up being distractions in themselves—but once you get your rules, projects and clients set up in Chrometa, it won’t take any more than five or ten minutes out of your day. And the payoff is comprehensive, analytical and sometimes horrifying insight into where your time goes throughout the day.

When we wrapped up our first look at Chrometa about four months ago, final pricing, public release and a Mac-based client were still pending. All of those eagerly anticipated trains have now arrived in the station.

New users can grab the Windows or Mac version of Chrometa and begin your 30-day free trial right away. After your trial is up, you can sign up for one of three paid plans:

  • Basic – Track up to three devices, archive three months of data – $19/month
  • Premium – Track up to five devices, archive 12 months of data – $49/month
  • Ultimate – Track up to ten devices, archive unlimited data – $99/month

Also, if you are an educator or student with a .edu (or other verifiably education institution issued email address), then you can get a free Chrometa account by filling out a Chrometa Student Free Account Request.

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