Uh oh Steve Jobs – Now you pissed off Jon Stewart!

New Apple logo - AppholesLike any proper “geek” out there, I, like probably most of you groovyReaders out there, have been paying close attention to the Apple slipup that landed the next generation iPhone in the hands of Gizmodo, who went ahead and did a full review.

Once apple confirmed it was theirs and asked that it be returned to them, I figured that was the end of the story. I thought the phone looked pretty groovy and would keep an eye out for it over the summer to replace my iPhone 3G.


What I hadn’t realized was the story had just begun.  A few days after the scoop by Gizmodo, Apple went on the offensive and began their attack by having the Police illegally (according to experts) enter the home of the Gizmodo employee Jason Chen and seizing most if not all his computer equipment.  Gizmodo documented the entire incident, including Jason’s recollection of the events, the State of California Search Warrant, and the letter from the legal department of Gizmodo’s parent company Gawker Media LLC.  And then, of course, Wired magazine reported a few days ago that Apple is also looking for the guy who found the Apple 4G iPhone

I mean, really?  Are you serious?  Really?  And that’s when Jon Steward picked up the story covering the incident in a clip almost 5 minutes long:

Editors Update 8/25/2022: The video, unfortunately, has been taken offline and is not on YouTube either. Sorry folks…

New iPhone App - Ram iT from Jon Stewart the daily showAmong the countless one-liners, I particularly enjoyed the part when he said:

“The cops had to bash in the guys door?  Don’t they know there’s a app for that?”

It’s too bad it all had to go down like this however, the side benefit is we got to see a great segment on TheDailyShow.  I hope the comedy continues because one can only laugh about how absurd Apple is behaving about a stupid phone.  Sure, Apple has always been the privacy/secrecy Nazis but common.

Hopefully, Microsoft doesn’t let this one go by without getting a jab in, perhaps with the help of SNL or??  I can just see the MAC commercial now!

Comments?  Thoughts?  This has been a fun one to watch unfold AND write about!  Would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Pete

    Apple is fast becoming even more arogant than Microsoft – they pay lip service to their customers only. Really, it’s time to vote with your feet! Do not support companies like this with your hard earned money, there are always alternatives.

    • shockersh

      I’m sorry I have to disagree with you on this one. Apple is not fast becoming anything… They have indeed surpassed Microsoft’s arrogance and evil persona. IMOP they ARE the evil empire.
      Busting down doors, firing people to talking about a product etc… It’s their monopolistic attitude and yeah, lip service to their customers that’s made me a beleiver in the Google Phone which is why I will NOT be buying another Apple product. At least not until something really cool comes out and forces me to buy it.. grrrrr

  2. shockersh

    I love Jon Stewart and watched it live on Wed. night. I agree. One of the best. I loved the Quote

    “You were supposed to be the good guys.. But now your busting down door while commandant Gates is ridding the world of mosquitos. What the f**k is going on???”

    Or something like that lol

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