Android Market to Overtake Apple App Store

…and this is bound to happen by August this year.  The report by mobile research firm Research 2 guidance says that Android Market has managed to beat the Apple App Store in terms of application uploads in October last year and that it will win the war altogether around August 2011 becoming the biggest mobile app store on the net.

It grows twice as fast as Apple’s store, and I can see why some developers would rather develop Android apps. The chance to reach a large number of customers being that the  is much larger, as the number of devices you can reach is also much bigger. Android App Store, at the current growth rate, will get to 425,000 apps by August. At the end of April it was at 295,000.

What’s interesting is that developers, that were usually afraid of the Android Market because most apps were free, now tend to send in more paid apps. The percentage of paid apps is now at 60% and the price at which they sell on average has also grown.

It will be interesting to keep watching how the trend moves over time.  It’s obvious that both the Apple Store and the Android App Store will continue to grow as it would be silly for DEV’s to only publish their apps to 1 store (Google being the exception).  With new players like Amazon and (just a guess) Steam sometime in the future???  the only “store” should only get better and better for prices.  What I’m looking for is a Buy 1x and use it on any device, similar to the Steam model but perhaps that’s just to smart for these guys… ;)


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