America’s Got Talent Recruiting On YouTube [groovyNews]

Think you're groovy enough to go on america's got talent? Do it YouTube style.

Want to be on one of those popular TV shows where a dude like Simon Cowell nitpicks your abilities and others get to see it?  Then today is your lucky day!  America’s Got Talent will be recruiting performers straight from YouTube for a special segment with a $1,000,000 prize.

Can you sing, dance, juggle, make people laugh, or turn yourself into a giant balloon?


From the page Click the Submit button to enter your video into the contest.

youtube americas got talent submit button


A few rules for submission:

  • Videos must contain 90 seconds of a recent performance.
  • Max length is 2 minutes so that only leaves 30 seconds of commentary.
  • Performances must be live, not video edited to make you look good.
  • Lip syncing is also a no-no.
  • You need a YouTube account to enter.


The biggest tip they give for success is to use popular music for musical entries.  Playing some weird, inappropriate song isn’t going to make anyone want to give you some thumbs up.


Submissions are due before June 23, and voting starts June 28.



  1. shockersh

    lol – that is awesome. I’m telling ya, YouTube is becoming the new “network”.

    • MrGroove

      @ShockerSH – You know what, I think you have a really good point there. I’ve been writing an article about that for the last 2 months now… Just haven’t been able to finish off my final thoughts on the topic.

      But yes, YouTube is taking over that’s for sure. They are in an AMAZING position and with their world wide audience, the “networks” should watch out because there is nothing slowing them down (unless the GOV get involved and try to regulate it…???).

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