Google Now Enables Websites to Add a +1 Button Directly to Pages

Google adds +1 to website, blogger, and YoutubeBack at the end of March Google introduced the +1 button, and though we were skeptical at first we know now that it is definitely not an April fool’s joke.  +1 is Google’s answer to the “Facebook Like” button, and they are hoping to use it to keep their main search engine relevant to all of the social-networking butterflies out there.  Google is on a mission with this button, and yesterday they released an update that makes it available to add directly to YouTube, Blogger, and every other website on the internet.

+1 Now Integrated with Blogger

If you are running your website on Google’s blogspot or blogger service then you can instantly add the +1 button to your site with a simple click from your configuration page.  The only downside is that you also have to enable ALL of the other share buttons as well, but then again it might be useful to have them displayed.

Google +1 on blogger

Add +1 to Any Webpage

Google +1 different sizes

If you are hosting your own website or you are using any other platform then the process is slightly more complicated.  To put the +1 button on a page all you need to do is two things:

1. Add this script to your page (or header if you want it on all pages):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The script won’t make the button show up, but it is code that pulls the javascript file from Google’s server and is required to see the button.

2. Place this code wherever on your page you want your button to show up:


Keep in mind that this is only the most simple configuration and that there are plenty more available.  The +1 button is available in multiple sizes and formats, so you really have a lot to think about when choosing one; see all of the different ways to include +1 on your site at the official Google API page.

+1 Button comes to YouTube

When you are watching YouTube and find a video that you like, you can now Click the Share button and there is a new option to “plus one” it.  I’m wondering, however, why they didn’t just integrate it into the already existing “Like” button, it seems like that would have made more sense.

Google +1 button on youtube


The +1 button is now available everywhere; websites, videos, and blogs.  It should catch on quickly, even big sites like Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Reuters are featuring the new button.  The only question that remains is whether +1 will be a hit, or whether it will be a flop like all of the other social services Google has released thus far.

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