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Will My External Device Work with Windows Surface RT?

Windows RT is a less less sophisticated than Windows 8, and meant to run on low powered tablets with ARM processors. If you have a Printer, Keyboard, Scanner, or other peripheral device will work with it, check out the Windows Compatibility Center.

Microsoft Surface RT Compatibility Center

Head over to the Windows RT Compatibility Center. There you’ll see a list of popular devices and whether they’re compatible with Windows RT or not. It includes ratings from the Microsoft community and so you’ll have rating from real world experience.

Popular Products

If you don’t see the device you’re looking for under Popular Products, you can search for it. For example here I’m checking if my Canon printer is compatible with Windows RT.


You’ll get the results and see if it’s compatible, or may have limited functionality. You can also caste your vote on whether the device works with your Windows RT device.


If you have a modern peripheral device, and need to connect it to your Surface, Surface RT Pro, or other computer running Windows RT, you’ll definitely want to check this site out first.

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