Where to Download Office 2007 or Office 2010 After You’ve Already Purchased It

So to save you and my future self some time, I’m going to fast-track you to the download link you are looking for to get Office 2007 or 2010.

download microsoft office 2007 retailLike a dummy, I bought Office 2007, right, before Office 2010 came out. And, like a dummy, I spend my free time tinkering with my computer such that it often requires a format and reinstall of Windows 7 (don’t ask). The problem was that I bought a digital copy of Office 2007, downloaded it, and registered it with a product key. So, I never had a DVD or install CD. So, each time I wanted to reinstall Office 2007, I had to find out how to download it again. This was hard, because now that Office 2010 is out, whenever you Google “Download Microsoft Office” it steers you in the direction of Office 2010, understandably. With some digging, you can find the Microsoft Office 2007 download link again, but I swear, it took me 15 minutes each time.

So to save you and my future self some time, I’m going to fast track you to the download link you are looking for (you will need a product key for installation):

Here is where you can re-download Office 2007 after you’ve already paid for it: – Microsoft Office Professional 2007,  Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Microsoft Office Small Business 2007

And if you need to download a backup copy of Microsoft 2010 for a re-install, go here: – Download Microsoft Office 2010 or purchase a backup DVD

I’ve since bought a physical retail copy of Microsoft Office 2010 with an install DVD, but my office is so dang messy, I often end up using the link for a re-install. I know. My life is a mess.

P.S. If you lost your product key, you can get a new one for Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Office 2010. A small fee applies. See this page for details.



  1. Ziggy

    Thanks so very much for bringing these links to our attention. Been in the same boat, so I know how frustrating it can be trying to re-install Office. Have bookmarked for future reference so that next time I won’t be drowning in a sea infested with sharks offereing fake copies. Brilliant…

    • MrGroove

      Yeah I had no idea this existed. Great find Jack!

  2. BigusD

    Thanks Jack!..your link really helped. Just bought two new computers with the Office 2010 trial version pre-installed and didn’t want to shell out again when I still have my product key for Office 2007.


  3. Craig

    Thanks so much for posting this. I have been looking everywhere!

  4. Susanah

    I just want to say thank you thank you thank you!!! I lost my disk and bought a new computer but I still had my Office 2007 key and I could not find out how to download it now that 2010 is out! You are a lifesaver and I can’t thank you enough!!

  5. Nancy

    I was in this boat too – THANK YOU for the link. I despaired of ever being able to d/l this again, esp. as the original computer this was d/l to went belly up a couple of months ago. Searched for a link, couldn’t find it, until I found this page. Entered the product key and d/l without any problems. Once again, thank you! :-)

    • Steve Krause

      You are very welcome! Welcome to gP and I’m glad it all worked out.

  6. Pietro Grandi

    Thank you man, you saved me from digging around on microsoft’s website’s jungle !!!

    • Steve Krause

      You are very welcome Pietro. Glad we helped you out!

  7. Tony

    thanks but every time I entered the 6 character id check it said I did it wrong (I did it several times)

  8. Tony

    is there another way?

  9. Derrick

    Thanks for the post Jack. Helped me out a lot. Had to do a PC upgrade and the client didn’t have the DVD anymore. Finding the CD-Key is easier.

  10. John

    Hate to say it, I just went to the site and it does not work anymore!

  11. Bruce

    Worked fine for me. Any links to download Windows 7 to re-install? I have the keys, but the disks have disappeared!

    • John

      Bruce, Was it 2010 or 2007 that worked for you. I tried 2007 and it did not work.

      • Bruce

        It was 2007 and worked fine. Interestingly I have subsequently tried to download 2010 and after an hour of downloading it tells me I can’t! ****************** thing!

        • John

          Bruce, Thanks for the update and good luck

  12. pat

    Does not work for Office 2007. Onlu Office 2010 is listed as Office downloads available. My hard disk failed and I need to reinstall Office 2007. I have the product code. Any other places where I can get it?

  13. Karen McCall

    I’ve been trying to get to the 2010 download, but the page is not there. I’ve tried in Chrome and Explorer. Guess I’ll try Mozilla Next, then it’s over to Open Office. Thanks for posting this though, it reads well and I felt sure I was going to be able to use my Product Key. I bought 3 installs and only used one. Oh well.

  14. torimac

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. the address for the2010 download worked just fine. It’s downloading right now.

  15. David Smith

    Hi guys, just want to share this site I’ve been using for my Microsoft Office software needs.

    They do international shipping and they have download versions of software too.

    I already made my first purchase with them and was quite satisfied. Customer/Tech Support is nice and accomodating.

    Have fun!

  16. tgolfer

    Do you have a link for Enterprise 2007?

  17. Jay Bayax

    Hello, my cd is an upgrade of Office Professional 2007 and is totally damaged.
    If I use the key that is to upgrade, I can record a new cd?

  18. Jayne

    I just downloaded Microsoft Office 2007 from a very reputable company. I can see the download link(.exe) but I cannot find the Office suite icons anywhere on my computer. Any advice? (hint: I was never asked for my “key” during the download, and should have been).

  19. bisi


    please can you help, i have both 2007 and 2010 publisher on my laptop, i recently upgraded to windows 10. i am very happy with the 2007 version but when i try to open it, it automatically goes to publisher 2010 which i do not want. please how can i set publisher 2007 as the default.

    kind regards

  20. Vip

    my officeXP ver.2002 dvd is damaged I need .exe for officeXp

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