More Apple TV Tips and Tricks for 4th Generation Model

The Apple TV (4th gen) running tvOS has improved the experience of using the set-top box compared to the old models. Here are more ways to get more from it.

The new Apple TV (4th gen) running tvOS has improved the experience of using the set-top box compared the 2nd or 3rd generation models. If you just got the device or have been a user since day one, here are some more tips and tricks to help get more from it.

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Apple TV Tips & Tricks

The Apple TV has come a long way since I wrote about my first impressions of the device. At the time, it seemed that Apple had released an unfinished product. However, after several updates and a slew of new apps, it’s a much better device for home entertainment.

Enter Demo Mode

Want to go back and relive the day when you first saw the Apple TV in action at an Apple retail store? You can by putting it into demo mode. Simply head to Settings > General and highlight About and then press the Play/Pause button on the remote four times. Then turn on Demo Mode.

apple TV Demo Mode

Next, you can choose either Apple Store or Channel for the retail demo mode type.

demo mode type

On the next screen, scroll down and select Apply Changes. Your box will restart, and when it comes back, it will have an Apple created screensaver that will repeatedly loop — just like you’d see in a retail store. Keep in mind that while in Demo Mode, most settings are grayed out and unavailable.

enable demo mode changes

You can also go through the interface and check out individual features, but it restricts a lot of what you can do. For instance, you can’t download any apps while in demo mode.

To turn off demo mode and get back to its normal operations by following the same steps listed above and turning it off.

Typing Tips

The easiest way to type on your new Apple TV is to connect a Bluetooth keyboard, especially when setting up all of your accounts. However, if all you have is the Siri remote, there are ways to make it easier to use with the on-screen keyboard.

To switch between upper and lower case characters fast, press the Play/Pause button on the remote. You can also hover over any letter and hold down the touchpad, and you’ll get alternative characters.

ATV keyboard Special

Use Voice Dictation

When the Apple TV was updated to tvOS 9.2, one of the features added was Voice Dictation. You can use this to use the remote to enter in your login credentials for apps like Netflix or HBO Now.

To enable dictation, navigate to a text field like search in Netflix or YouTube. Hold down the Siri button and select Use Dictation. Once it’s enabled, hold down the Siri button (microphone) and speak.


Make Siri Rewind to Hear What You Missed

It happens all the time when you’re watching a movie. You get distracted and miss something important a character said. In what could be the coolest feature of Siri, you can make it rewind the show 30 seconds so you can hear the missed dialogue.

Press the Siri button (microphone) on the remote and say: “What did they say?”. The movie will flip back 30 seconds and turn on subtitles. The latter is imperative if you just cannot make out what a character is saying. An excellent feature that everyone should find useful!


But That’s Not All…

Check out these other tips and tricks that will help you get more out of your new Apple TV.

As Apple TV continues to get updated; we’ll be sharing more tips as features improve.

What about you? Do you have a new box? What are some of your favorite tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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