How to Moderate Instagram Comments

Instagram recently rolled out an update which provides basic moderation controls for the comment system. Here’s how it works and how you can customize it.

As the popularity of Instagram grows, so does the chance of trolls showing up and trying to ruin a good thing. This is particularly the case with open/public profiles. Well, I have good news! Instagram recently rolled out an update which provides basic moderation controls for the comment system. Although not a real solution if you get a few million comments a week (sorry Rihanna…), for most of us, it should work just fine. Here’s how it work. 

How Moderate Comments on Instagram

Comment moderation can be done for both photos and videos. You can report, delete and block comments you find offensive. From the Comments screen, swipe left on a comment, then choose an appropriate action: reply, report, or delete.

Tapping the more actions menu (“…”) in your feed gives you the option of turning off comments altogether on a photo or video.

Instagram Comments Advanced Options

Tap your profile tab, settings gear in the top-right, then go to Comments. From the Comments page, toggle on a setting to hide comments that contain words or phrases reported as offensive. Users can add custom filters for keywords you don’t want to appear in comments, such as profanity or multi-level marketing keywords.

It only takes a few cancerous users to ruin a good thing. Although not a solution, I’m still excited to see investment in these new moderation settings which I think should help a lot.

Instagram is constantly adding new features; to get up to speed with what’s new, keep an eye on our Instagram category here at gP.

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