Firefox 4 Beta Is Now Available For Android Phones

imageDolphin has long been the most popular browser for users on Android, but this week Firefox has jumped in to create some fierce competition.  Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers for Mac and PC, but only time will tell how many users will convert to their mobile adaptation.  Currently in Beta, the mobile Firefox browser has quite a few bugs and kinks, but it is off to a great start.

According to market share research by w3schools, Firefox is leading the way as the most popular pc-platform browser being employed by 45% of all internet users.  Now that Firefox is moving into the mobile realm, Dolphin, Opera Mini, and others are going to have to pick up the pace to stay ahead.  Fortunately for them, Firefox is still in beta and hasn’t yet been added to the Android Market so most users won’t go through the trouble of trying it out quite yet.


How To Install Firefox On Android

Even though it’s still in testing, you can download Firefox for Android straight from the Mozilla site.  Though, because it has not yet been added to the Market you will first have to enable Android to install applications from unknown sources.

Mozilla hasn’t tested this out for all Android devices, so if you want to avoid a glitchy experience a list of known supported devices is available here.

Step 1

On your Android phone, visit

Tap Download for Android.

download for android firefox

Step 2

The file will have the default name as fennec.apk.  Depending on what browser you are using the Save feature will differ, but do the equivalent of Clicking OK and download it.fennec.apk firefox beta 4 android installer

Step 3

Once the download is done, Tap fennec.apk.

download fennec.apk firefox android installer

Step 4

Tap Install.

install firefox on android


Now you can launch Firefox as soon as installation finishes, or find it later from your App drawer.  Have fun testing out the new Firefox 4 beta for Android!  Also, stay tuned for our own groovy review on the new mobile browser from Mozilla.

Firefox on androidFirefox from the app drawer



  1. Android

    The phone overall was very nice. Didn’t weight much and the touch screen was responsive. The Android OS ran well. I liked it overall. It being unlocked and cheap along with the Android OS made it a good buy I thought at the time. The problem I had was that while the features were nice I could not get the phone to update via the official tools. Others had this problem all over the world with this particular phone. Some had to wait for their cell providers to push out the update but those that bought it unlocked from various places had issues at the time. The choice I was left with at the time was to install the update myself. A process if done wrong could turn the phone into a paperweight. With no US warranty I didn’t feel safe in doing so. So in the end I returned it and thankfully because the device was fulfilled by I was able to get my money back. If I had the chance to buy the phone again but with the update already installed I would as I am a fan of the Android OS and did like the phone overall. However I would warn people that if they do want to update and don’t feel like taking certain risk to perhaps look for a different phone or one with a US warranty.

  2. Jackie annick

    Everytime I get a text that robot looking thing pops up how do I install your app?

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