How To Determine Your Android System Score

Google Android ScoreAndroid is a fairly young OS in the phone market, but it is maturing rapidly.  Some are forecasting it will overtake the iPhone as quickly as Q2 2011.  Anyway, as more devices come loaded with Android, you’ll find a huge variety in the hardware that Android runs on. So, want to know how your device’s hardware performance compares to the rest? There’s an Android app for that! And its called Quadrant.

The author of this post Beyond Life is a regular groovy contributor in the groovyPost community forum and his knowledge of the Android platform is top-notch.  This is the first in his series of Android tips and tutorials that will appear here on groovyPost’s front page so welcome to the crew Beyond Life!

For this How To I’m using Quadrant on a Samsung Galaxy S i9000, but it should work and look the similar on other Android devices.

Step 1 – Download & Install Quadrant

You can find Quadrant Standard in the Android market for free and you can install it like any other app.  Just search for quadrant and it will be the only result by the developer Aurora Softworks.

download quadrant

Step 2 – Launch Quadrant

After you installed Quandrant, you start it by Tapping it  from the app drawer.

launch quadrant

Step 3 – Benchmark it

Upon opening you’ll see a menu with the following options:

  • Run full benchmark
  • Run custom benchmark*
  • Result browser
  • System information
  • About

For this tutorial, we’ll Tap Run full benchmark.

*Note: This is the free version of Quadrant so the Run custom benchmark is not available.

run full benchmark

Step 4 – Patience

A list of points to be tested will appear. The test will run through your Android device, it will measure CPU, Memory, Storage (I/O), and your graphics capabilities.  It can take a minute or two to complete, so don’t do this if you’re in a hurry.

cpu memory test android


After all of the tests are complete, Quadrant is ready and tells you it has to sent the results to the internet, but no personal information was collected.  Tap Ok and watch your score. As you can see on mine below, it doesn’t really match up to where a Galaxy S should be.  Mine is all the way up there, almost double that of the second fastest.  That isn’t a miscalculation by Quadrant however, I’ve just rooted and lag-fixed my Galaxy S.  Samsung should be proud…

android benchmark app

Where does your phone lineup compared to the others?  Tell us in the comments below!

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