How to Mirror Your iPhone to Roku

Want to enjoy small screen content on a bigger screen? You can mirror your iPhone or iPad to a TV using a Roku device using these steps.

Fan of a bigger screen? You might want to consider streaming or “mirroring” content from your iPhone to your TV if it has AirPlay functionality. Unfortunately, not every smart TV supports AirPlay. You can connect a Roku and get AirPlay functionality, however.

Using a Roku for AirPlay is helpful if you want to mirror your phone’s display for more than sending a single video or song. In addition, you can review a series of content, including games from the iPad.

To mirror an iPhone to Roku, follow the steps below.

System Requirements to Mirror iPhone to Roku

To use AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad, you need to make sure your Roku and iPhone both meet the following requirements:

  • Devices connected to the same network.
  • Running an OS that’s Roku OS 9.4 or above.
  • Have an AirPlay 2-supported Roku.
  • Have an AirPlay 2-supported iPhone or iPad.

How to Configure Your Roku for iPhone Mirroring

Mirroring your iPhone to Roku does many things. For example, you can go over work-related charts and graphs or have fun streaming a game or series of music videos from YouTube.

If your requirements are correct, you’ll need to set up your Roku to support iPhone mirroring.

To configure a Roku for iPhone mirroring:

  1. On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  2. Go to Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.mirror your iphone to roku
  3. Highlight Apple AirPlay and HomeKit and press OK on the remote.
  4. When the AirPlay settings appear, select AirPlay on the top-right side of the display and verify that it’s set to On.mirror your iphone to roku
  5. Navigate to the Home screen and choose Settings > System > Screen Mirroring.mirror your iphone to roku
  6. Choose Screen Mirroring Mode and set it to Prompt or Always Allow.mirror your iphone to roku

How to Mirror Your iPhone on Roku

Once you’ve enabled screen mirroring mode on your Roku, you’ll be able to mirror your iPhone or iPad to your Roku device.

To mirror your iPhone or iPad to Roku:

  1. Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and tap the Screen Mirroring button.mirror your iphone to roku
  2. Select the Roku device you want to mirror your iPhone or iPad device to. If you have more than one, ensure you select the correct one.mirror your iphone to roku
  3. Your iPhone screen will mirror its screen’s content to the Roku you selected on your bigger or smaller TV. The iPhone or iPad’s screen won’t fill out your TV because of the difference in screen orientation.mirror your iphone to roku

You’ll see black bars on both sides instead of a filled screen when you’re mirroring the iPhone or iPad’s screen. You can use your iPhone or iPad just like you usually would, and it will reflect all your taps, swipes, and other actions on the television screen.

How to Stop iPhone Mirroring Your iPhone

You can finish the mirroring process when you’ve completed your streaming process. However, if you need to stop mirroring, there are a couple of ways to do it, and both are straightforward.

To stop mirroring your iPhone or iPad to Roku:

  1. A simple method to stop mirroring is to hit the Home button on your Roku remote or Roku mobile app.mirror your iphone to roku
  2. Alternatively, open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and tap the Mirroring button. When the list of devices appears, tap the Stop Mirroring option at the bottom.stop sending signal

Using Your Roku with Apple Devices

If you’re new to Roku, it’s worth noting that mirroring your iPhone or iPad to your Roku isn’t the only thing it’s capable of. One of the overlooked Roku features is using private listening mode. If your Roku is giving you problems, one of the first troubleshooting steps is to restart your Roku.

You also might be interested in viewing secret menus on Roku or learning to block YouTube on Roku. If you’re Roku remote isn’t working, we have tips on fixing the Roku remote. Speaking of the remote, check out how to change the volume on Roku.

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