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OS X: Minimize Application Windows to the Dock Icon

In this groovyTip, I’m going to show you how to save room on the Mac Dock by minimizing open windows to the Application Icon vs. creating a new icon on the Dock.

First, click on System Preferences from the dock.

Open System Preferences

In System Preferences, Click Dock under the Personal section.

Open the Dock under Personal

Check the Minimize windows into application icon Box.

Check the Minimize windows into application icon Box.

Now when you click the yellow dot in the corner of a window, it will minimize to the application’s icon in the dock instead of taking up more space next to the trash icon.

Minimize app to icon

To re-open the window, Click and hold on the Application icon or Right Click the Icon. A list of the Windows available will be displayed for you to choose.

In my example below I Right-Clicked the Icon (Safari) and choose which wanted to open.

open window from icon

Now you can easily hide windows using the minimize function and it won’t make your dock expand and… make things feel like home again if you’re a newly converted Windows user.

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