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For those of you out there with a Windows Home Server, you might be interested in a new download Microsoft released today.  I noticed it today on the – It’s called the Windows Home Server Toolkit V1.1.  Now, call me crazy BUT, I don’t see the logic here.  If a product for the “HOME” requires a toolkit to troubleshoot it and get it working, the manufacturer has failed.  Have you ever heard of a troubleshooting “Toolkit” for the home Washing Machine, Toaster, Television, or “Fill in the Blank”?


Honestly Microsoft, a product like Windows Home Server needs to be so simple that even my Grand Ma can plug it in and it just “Works.”  POOF.  Kind of like my XBOX or my Tivo.  The last thing I want is my Grand Ma calling me to come over to fix their Windows Home Server.  Perhaps the Windows Home Server Team needs to visit the XBOX division and learn a few things regarding HOME products.


<just an idea>


Now, for the Groovy Grand Mas out there who have Home Server installed, here’s the details on the new Microsoft Home Server Toolkit:

The Release contains a User Manual along with the toolkit for both 64bit and 32bit Operating Systems.


From the User Manual


Windows Home Server Toolkit User Manual

Home network configurations and components can vary greatly from home to home. In some cases, this variety makes it harder for your home computer to communicate with your home server when you install the Connector software for the Windows® Home Server server software. The Windows Home Server Toolkit is designed to help you diagnose the issues that you may encounter during Windows Home Server Setup.

The Toolkit is easy to use even if you are not a computer expert. If you are an expert, you can use advanced features in the Toolkit to help you troubleshoot further.

The Toolkit can also help you gather pertinent information, such as log files, which you can send to other people if you need additional help. The Toolkit never sends any information to Microsoft or to anyone else without your consent.


The Toolkit has the following five components:

· Connector Troubleshooter. Helps you with Connector software installation issues.

· Error Reporting. Collects all relevant Windows Home Server troubleshooting information from your home computer, so you can send it to Microsoft or to another person. You can review the information before it is sent, and you can approve or deny the transmission.

· Readme. Briefly describes the Toolkit components.

· Publish Server Add-in. Copies the Add-in file to your home server so you can install it by using the Console.

· End User License Agreement. The license terms for the Toolkit.


Personally, although I own a copy of Windows Server, I’ve never installed it.  So, I can’t say I’ve tested this new toolkit out.  It appears to be a FREE Groovy tool which warrants an honorable mention.  HAVE FUN GRAND MA!


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