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Enable Wireless LAN Support On Windows Server 2008 [How-To]

Windows Server 2008 is typically associated with server rooms and corporations. However, for some home and small business users and , Windows Server 2008 can also make a great desktop.


The first time I started using Windows Server 2008 as a desktop, it took about 20 minutes before I figured out how to enable the OS to connect to a wireless network using my .  Fortunately, Windows Server 2008 is capable of connecting to Wireless Networks using just about any wireless adapter (usually using Windows Vista drivers), and once I figured out how to enable it, I was up and running in about 2 minutes.


How to Enable Wireless LAN Support On Windows Server 2008


1.  Open the Start Menu and then Click Administrative Tools > Server Manager.

Screenshot - Windows Server 2008 Launch Server Manager


2.  The Server Manager window will appear.  Scroll down to the Features Summary and then Click Add Features.

Screenshot - Windows Server 2008 Add Features Button


3.  In the Add a Feature wizard, scroll down to the very bottom. Click to check Wireless LAN Service, then Click Next.

Screenshot - Windows Server 2008 Enable Wireless Lan Service Feature


4.  On the next page Click Install, wait for it to finish, and then restart!


Trying to find the Network Settings for Windows Server 2008 can be tricky.  You can usually get to them quickly by typing Network and Sharing into the Start Menu or Windows Search.  Click the Control Panel link that appears, and the once inside the Network and Sharing Center, Click Manage network connections.

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