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Restrict Programs From Opening In Windows 7

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Do you have a program on your computer that you would like Windows to block from opening?  With a few tweaks to the Windows 7 registry, you can force it to prevent nearly any program of your choice from opening, and the process is entirely reversible!


How To Disallow Programs From Running In Windows 7



Step 1

Hold down the Windows Key and Press R to open the run dialog.  In here Type regedit and then Press Enter.



Step 2

Browse to the following registry key:


explorer key in registry editor


Step 3

Right-Click in the right pane of the Explorer key and Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Rename the new DWORD to:





Step 4

Right-Click the DisallowRun DWORD you just created and Select Modify.* Set the Value data to 1 and then Click OK.

*You can also just Double-Click the DisallowRun DWORD to modify it.


Step 5

Déjà vu!  We’re going to create another DisallowRun, but this time it is going to be a registry key.  Right-Click the Explorer key and then Select New > Key and name it DisallowRun.

disallowrun new key


Step 6

In the new DisallowRun key you just created, Right-Click in the right pane and Select New > String Value.  Name the new String anything you like, but for organizational purposes, it would be a good idea to call it something in reference to the program you want to block.

name a new string in disallowrun


Step 7

Modify the new String and for the value data Type in the process name.  In my example, I’m going to block Internet Explorer, so I will disallow iexplore.exe from running.  No need to include the full file path, just the name of the .exe file will do.


Step 8

Restart your computer for changes to take effect.
restart computer windows 7


Now the designated programs should no longer open while you are using Windows 7!  Groovy!



  1. Enrique Piña Ocampo

    I did this in mi PC and it worked perfectly, then I tried to do it on other PCs and I cannot find the “explorer” key under the “policies” key, why can this be happening?

  2. David Carriger

    This HowTo was written perfectly! Detailed on each and every step and worked like a charm. I’m glad that I stumbled upon it. Now my forced-update headache, cftmon.exe, has gone away.


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