Windows 7 New Calculator Easily Converts Units

Groovy Windows 7 Articles, Tutorials, How-To, Tips, Tricks, And InformationHow many times have you needed to convert something from one unit of measurement to another but you can’t remember the equation?  The Windows 7 Calculator received a beautiful make-over but also quite a few new features, including unit conversion.  This feature is great if you don’t want to be bothered opening up your Internet browser to search it, or if you don’t have an Internet connection at all!

Just for reference, here’s a comparison between the old Vista Calc look and the new Windows 7 Calc.

Vista Calculator:

old windows vista calculator

Windows 7 Calculator:

new windows 7 calculator


If you’ve never used the Calculator in Windows 7 before, then I recommend giving it a try!  Just Open up the Start Menu and Type in Calc and Press Enter.  The Calculator should instantly load!   Most modern keyboards also have a calculator button.  Take a look; you might be surprised to find a button that opens Microsoft Calculator automatically.   Let’s take a look at some of the most useful new features!

How To Calculate Unit Conversion and Dates Using Windows 7

1. In Calc Click the View menu and then Select Unit Conversion.

the view menu of windows 7 calc

2. The conversion window will slide open from the right side, allowing you to maintain full access to the standard calculator.  Use the drop menus to Select which type of units you want to convert. There are three total selections you’ll have to make.

using unit conversion offline from windows 7

3. Once you’ve punched in what units you are converting, then Type a number in the From box.   The To box will automatically output the exact conversion.  Groovy!

converting kilograms to pounds using windows 7 calc

Just below Unit Conversion in the View menu is Date Calculation. Here’s how to use it!


4. Date Calculation can do two different things.

  • Tell you the difference in time between two dates
  • Add time to a date to tell you what the future date would be after X amount of time

Both features are pretty useful.  The first thing for me that comes to mind is using it to know when a cut-off date is for warranty and return policy on something I buy.   Perhaps setting a calendar reminder a few weeks ahead of time just in case would be a Very Groovy idea!

estimating exact dates using windows 7

5. As an example below, I put in the date that I first joined the groovyPost community forum.  Time sure goes by fast!  You’ll see it outputs the long information in years, months, weeks, and days, but the total combined days too.

the days and months and years and the exact time groovedexter has been in the groovy community forum

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Oscar

    February 23, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Nice to see little useful things added in Windows 7. Nice review by the way, you could add a few screenshots showing the different units of measurment available within each category. Great article btw.

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