Windows 7 Easy Transfer Tool – Quick Guide

Groovy Windows 7 Easy Transfer Tool Guide

If you’re migrating to Windows 7 or if you’ve got yourself a brand new Windows 7 PC, you may find it a hassle to transfer everything over.  This includes your preferences, settings, and all of your files.  Lucky for us, Microsoft produced a simple and straightforward process for transferring files to a new computer.


First Steps

If you are upgrading from Windows XP to Vista or Windows 7*, you’ll have to Download the Easy Transfer Application to get started.  Once you reach the download page simply choose the version that is right for you.

*If your old computer is running Windows 7, the application is already included on your operating system.

Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit Downloads


Setup & File Transfer

Once you’ve installed the application all you have to do is select the method for transferring the data between your computers (or windows installations). For new computers use an Easy Transfer Cable or Network Transfer to get things done. For preparation of a new Windows 7 install, use the External HDD or Flash Drive Mode.

Method Selection

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method you will go through a few screens from where you can customize what you want to save and see the overall size of your transfer file. In my case it is pretty big since I chose to transfer everything.

User Files Settings

If you want to be extra safe, you can assign a password to your file (HDD & Flash Drive Transfer only).

Password Setting

Once you’re done with the customizations you can begin the transfer immediately (if you chose an Easy Transfer Cable or Network), or you can save everything to a file to transfer using an External HDD (for the External HDD & Flash Drive option).

File Eporting



The easy transfer tool works really great and will save you the trouble of transferring everything separately. I would definitely recommend this instead of other software advertised on the internet. It’s free, it’s fast and it works great.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Colleen

    I wish I’d seen this BEFORE I started my transfer. My new Windows 7 computer found the external hard drive initially but not it won’t recognize it and I can’t figure out what to do to get the computer to recognize the external hard drive, where all my files are! Ack!

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