No Joke! Windows 2000 To Windows 7 Migration Tool Released [groovyDownload]

imageReally?  Are you serious?  Is it 2010 and you’re still running Windows 2000? You realize you can’t get security patches for it right?

Ok. Apparently there actually ARE Corporations?  People? out there still running Windows 2000, because this week Microsoft released a new script to help migrate users and their data from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

It’s called the w2KMigUser script.  Wow. Upgrade? Really?  How do you expect to run Windows 7 on a 7-to-10-year-old machine?  Now granted, perhaps the people Microsoft wrote this ‘upgrade’ for are using new(er) machines which can handle Windows 7. However until recently corporate policy required them to run the legacy grandpa Windows 2000?  <phew> Who knows.


ANYWAY, the Migration tool is easy to use and just requires a few steps of preparation according to the documentation.  Included among the downloadable files is a thirteen-page instruction PDF that outlines the exact steps which need to be performed to start the process.  Essentially all the script does is backup Windows 2000 User profiles and then restore them into Windows 7 to create new but identical folders and files on the updated OS.

W2KMigUser is groovy


Hopefully, with this groovy tool, crusty organizations out there will be able to make the transition a little smoother.

Download the W2KMigUser System Migration Tool [via]


Does your organization still use Windows 2000?  We’d LOVE  to hear about it!  ;)



  1. Alfonso

    I know a company that still uses Windows 2000. In fact, my school still had Windows 2000 machines until last year when they upgraded some of them to 7.

    • MrGroove

      To often schools have small budgets and even smaller IT staff to do major upgrades like OS upgrades. Very sad but it’s good to hear your school has started on Windows 7. My son’s school is still running XP which I guess is better than Windows 2000. ;)

      • Ryan

        Actually, lol, my school uses a mixture of windows xp and 2000. I know, sad, at least we upgraded from windows ME…..

  2. NT

    Hello? There is nothing wrong with running XP! It is FAR better than Vista and 7. Why do you people continue to fall for Bill Gates’ money scheme? The government should force Bill Gates and microSHAFT, to continue to put out security patches for XP forever. XP finally works correct, there is NO reason at all to upgrade to something else, you won’t get any benefit at all. (other than making Bill Gates more rich). The only reason they stop security patches for an OS, is to FORCE you to buy a new one from Bill Gates. I work in the industry, I know of what I speak. You all do realize that security patches are actually FIXES for the problems that they ignored when they sold you a bad product (OS) right? Don’t let anybody fool you, there has not been a significant change in technology in over 10 years, as far as OS design, ESPECIALLY in any Windows systems. That’s a fact. CPU and memory speeds have increased, that’s about it. Don’t keep falling for the marketing hype and lies.

    • no3gods

      Ummm…you’re not too smart. XP is OLD technology…You cann’t put 8GB of RAM in it because the 64bit version is unstable and not supported by vendors. Moreover, it doesn’t use the multicore CPUs very well, and it doesn’t have the APIs needed for modern browsers; need I go on?

      XP is like the theory of evolution: it’s dead and it’s time people realized it and upgraded.

      Upgrade to windows 7 and slam XP into a VM if you can’t live without it. With win7 and 8GB of RAM, it shouldn’t be a problem. :)

  3. crazybuttrue

    Our company is JUST in the process of moving from Win2000 to Win 7 …. yes for real … April 2013! Arghh…!!

  4. Old Man

    I work in a small business that still has a 32bit Windows 2000 Pro machine in the basement that acts as a server & is only accessed from a workstation ~ once every 2 months. It has an old application on it that has important data that can not be exported. It would be great to upgrade but we can’t upgrade to Win 7 b/c the app would likely not function. It should have been upgraded to XP when they were still selling licenses for it. Then at least we could get rid of the workstation & RDP into the server.

  5. Colin WG

    It is nice to be able to measure machine uptimes in orbital revolutions of the earth about the sun.

    Alas, it is time to let a couple of them go, due to hardware needs, but the tool is no longer available.

    Woe is me.

  6. Bing

    We have one PC that stiil have Windows 2000.

    Today is 09 August 2018!

  7. 68yo

    I have music which I composed using MusicWrite which I created on Dinosaur (Windows 2000). The internet is disabled on 2000. Anyway I am trying to get the mwk files to work on Windows 7, so I can burn a cd. I just don’t want to spend $$ on MusicWrite upgrade when the one I have works great. It just doesn’t work in Windows 7 and I don’t think it is fair to force you to get it. Old apps should work on newer computers. I think they design that way purposely to make you buy. I know there is a “make old versions work on windows 7”.
    I think I tried that and it worked for a minute, then just blew up. So I lost everything I was working on. Then, page for upgrade was displayed. I keep the Dinosaur for sentimental, historic reasons. I have 2 other computers with Windows 7 and 10, but just like to compose music and play older games for fun. I don’t like being forced to buy stuff.

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