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What is ipoint.exe? [groovyTips]

groovy processes tips, tricks, and tutorialsYou’re likely reading this article if you’ve come across ipont.exe in your Task Manager and you’re unsure what the application is.  First, don’t worry – it isn’t a virus.  Below I’ll explain what ipoint.exe is and why/where it is on your system.


ipoint.exe is a process that installs with Microsoft IntelliPoint.  ipoint.exe provides additional features for Microsoft IntelliPoint devices that are not available via plug and play.

ipoint.exe runs additional features for Microsoft IntelliPoint devices


If you don’t use this process, you can usually uninstall the Microsoft IntelliPoint software to remove it.  You can also manually remove the process by deleting in from:
%programfiles%Microsoft IntelliPointipoint.exe

where ipoint.exe is located


Overall ipoint.exe is not an important part of Windows, but it isn’t a dangerous part either.  Letting it run will cause no harm to your computer, but you can delete it if you want to conserve system memory usage.

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  1. Foros de Beisbol November 19, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    Thank you. I was worried about this exe, I had never seen it before, Windows must’ve installed it when I plugged in my new mouse. 🙂

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