Use Conversation View To Read Items In Outlook 2010

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When reading emails in Outlook, sometimes it is easier to read them when organized by conversation the way Gmail correspondence is managed.  Well, in Outlook, exactly that is possible using the Conversation view.  Let’s enable it!

Step 1

In Outlook 2010, Click the View ribbon and then Check the box for Show as Conversations.

Show Conversation view in Outlook 2010

You might notice that the Arrange By tab will automatically be set to Date (Conversations), so the conversation view will organize everything by date, but also who it is from, along with whether the email was a reply.

Outlook 2010 arrange by options

Step 2

There are additional optional Conversation Settings you can adjust to help you manage emails even more efficiently.  They are:

  • Show Message from Other Folders
  • Show Senders Above the Subject
  • Always Expand Conversations
  • Use Classic Indented View

Outlook 2010 conversation settings


Wasn’t that simple!?  Almost too simple if you ask me, but now your email replies will be easier to track.  With Outlook conversation view enabled it will handle email just like Gmail does, or at least the one really groovy feature that Gmail has to offer.

outlook 2010 conversation view screenshot

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