How-To Save Word 2010 Documents to Display with Thumbnail Picture

As a hard-working professional, you probably have hundreds of documents stored on your computer. When it comes to finding them, tags work great but the downside is that tagging documents can take up A LOT of time. There has to better way to find the document you’re looking for…  Indeed there is – this groovy technique will allow you to find them visually via thumbnail pictures.

How-To Save Documents to Display with Thumbnail Picture [Screencast]

How-To Save Documents to Display with Thumbnail Picture [Step-by-Step]

Step 1 – Prepare Your Document

Open your office document and make sure it’s ready to be saved.

Step 2 – Save As With a Thumbnail

Start off by going into File > Save As (or Save).

file save as word 2010

Then pick a location and name for the file and Check the small Save Thumbnail checkbox.

save with thumbnail wordo 2010

The document thumbnail will be visible when you browse to the location where you’ve saved your file in Windows Explorer.

word 2010 saved thumbnail

Simple right?  This easy trick will definitely help you find your documents quickly!  If you’re looking for another groovy tip for quickly finding items or bookmarks inside of an office 2010 document, check out our groovy guide on how to use bookmarks in Office 2010.



  1. jacke  

    how do you remove the thumbnail?

  2. DW96  

    Hey there jacke!
    Just open the document and select use Save As to save a new copy, but this time UNCHECK the “Save Thumbnail” checkbox.

  3. Ricardo  

    How do I setup the thumbnail check box to show at all times

  4. Linda  

    How do you use this feature in PowerPoint 2010?

  5. Trevor  

    I can save thumbnails using Office on my desktop, but not my laptop. Same software, but Windows 7 on desktop & XP on laptop. Can I save thumbnails with XP? No “Save thumbnail” option showing.

  6. Troy  

    I don’t understand why you would want a thumbnail.

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