Rename The Windows 7 Guest Account [How-To]

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In a previous article from last week, we covered how to set up a user account in Windows 7 as well as of the Guest account.  Let’s take it to the next level and improve security a bit by changing the name of the Guest account.  Why?  Well, renaming the Guest account is always a Security best practice because some malicious/virus software attempt to infiltrate your computer through an enabled Guest Account since typically no password is set for that account.  Renaming the account usually breaks the Virus automation trying to exploit the Guest account.

Note: This feature is not available in Home Premium or lower versions of Windows 7.

How To Improve System Security By Changing The Windows 7 Guest Account Name

1.   From the Windows 7 Start Menu, Type secpol.msc into the search box and then Hit Enter.

how to open up local security policy in windows 7

2.   The Local Security Policy window should appear.  Navigate to Local Policies > Security Options.  Once there, Right-Click Accounts: Rename guest account, and Select Properties.

how to modify the account name of the guest account in windows 7 through the local security policy

3.   In the white box, Enter a new name for the Guest account.  Click OK to save changes and finish.

how to modify the guest account name in windowws 7

The Guest account should take on the new name you just typed in.  Now whenever friends come over and use your Windows PC, they will know you’re a groovyReader like them with a few tricks up your sleeve!  You can even look like a thoughtful friend by changing the Guest account to their name!  The only downside is you may become the new go-to guy for all of your friend’s computer problems.  Not to worry though, groovyPost is here to help with our community technical support forum!

a changed guest account name in windows 7

groovyDisclaimer – When it comes to security, nothing is 100%.  Security is all about LAYERS.  Think about it, to secure you home you usually lock the front door, lock the windows, install an alarm, get a guard dog or ill tempered Sea Bass w/laser beams, etc.  Computers are the same.  Keep your PC , install , and read for the latest tips on .  Granted, that’s just the beginning to keeping your system protected against the bad guys but I think you get the point.



  1. Izzmo

    December 9, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Very cool! I did not know you could do this with the local policy editor. I usually just know of doing it through the registry.

  2. MrGroove

    December 11, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Aye… The list of things you can do in the Policy Editor (or group policy) is pretty endless. I think with Windows 7, Microsoft introduced close to 300 new GPO / LPO you can modify to control various aspects of the OS.

    Very groovy!

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