Show Only Today’s Tasks in Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar [How-To]

The Outlook To-Do bar is convenient for keeping track of the day’s meetings, opening tasks, and quickly scheduling new meetings or creating new tasks.  By default, however, the Tasks can become a bit cluttered. So the first thing I always do when setting up Outlook 2007 for the first time is to display only Today’s tasks by configuring the To-Do Bar.


How to Make the Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar Show Only Tasks From Today


1. Right-click the Arrange By menu and Click Custom

Screenshot : Outlook 2007 To-do Bar


2. Okay, this next step can get a little crazy.  Click Filter; the filter window will pop-up and on it Click the Advanced tab.  Then Click Field and on the drop menu Click Date/Time field > Due Date.

Screenshot : Outlook 2007 To-do Bar Setup Filter

3. Next, under the Condition menu, Click on or before, and then in the value box Type in today.  To save and continue, Click Add to List.

Screenshot : Outlook 2007 To-do Bar Setup Filter Today

Optional 3.a: If you don’t want to display overdue tasks just use the today condition.

Screenshot : Outlook 2007 To-do Bar

All done!

Now when you look at your To-Do Bar, you’ll still see expired tasks from yesterday that are incomplete.  Incomplete tasks will show up as red, while your other tasks for today will remain standard color.  This color difference should help to keep you from forgetting things!

Screenshot : Outlook 2007 To-do Bar

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1 Comment

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