How to Access Microsoft Office Web Apps Technical Preview

Office Web Apps - Skydrive Excel IconThis morning in a Press Release Microsoft announced it’s official response to Google Apps by making available Office On the Web – AKA Microsoft Office Web Apps.


Granted, today’s announcement is only the start of the Technical Preview; however, it’s the first step in getting Microsoft Office online and in the cloud.

Office Web Apps - Beta Sign-up form So following the link to the “Sign-Up” page I was quickly disappointed to find that all spots in the Technical Preview were filled.  Microsoft did provide a link to Sign-Up for early notification regarding the Office 2010/Office Web Apps Beta, however, after a bit of tinkering, I discovered there’s an easy way to get into the Technical Preview ANYWAY!

How-To Gain Access to the Microsoft Office Web Apps Technical Preview using Windows Live Sky-Drive

1. Log in to your Windows Live Account and Open in your Browser.  Click Document once logged in.

Office Web Apps - Skydrive

2. Click Add Files

Office Web Apps - Upload Excel Document

3.  Drag and Drop a few Excel Files into the Upload Screen (I used Excel in my Test) and Click Upload

Office Web Apps - Upload Excel Document

4. Click Join our preview program link as shown in the screenshot below

Office Web Apps - Join Technical Preview

5. Read the Terms of Service and Click Accept

Office Web Apps - Accept TOS

6.   That’s it!  You should be in!

Office Web Apps - Excell

7. To Create a new document, Click New

Note: As of Today – Only PowerPoint and Excel Services will allow you to create new documents

Create a new Microsoft Office Live Document

I have no idea how long this workaround will be available.  For all I know, this could either be a MISS by Microsoft or by design to allow more people to join the Technical Preview.  Either way, I recommend you move quickly to reserve your spot and get it enabled on your Windows Live account!

I would love to hear your feedback!  Did you get into the Technical Preview?  What do you think of Office in the cloud?  Is it working?



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