How-To Disable Sharing In Windows 7

Groovy Windows 7 How-toHeading out of the house and going to an unknown or public network?  When you’re on the go and always using public WiFi or other sources of Internet access there is a chance your computer could be at risk.  Most of the time your built-in firewall should protect you. However, I’ve always believed in “layered” security so let’s lock down the system a bit before that next sip of java!


How To Disable File Sharing And Network Discovery In Windows 7

Step 1

Click the Windows Start Menu Orb, and Type advanced sharing into the search box, then Press Enter or Click the Manage advanced sharing settings program link.

manage advanced sharing settings in Windows 7

Step 2

In the advanced sharing settings window, there are a few different settings to change.  Depending on which type of connection you want to change them for, you’ll need to select whether it is a “Home or Work” or a Public connection.  If you are unsure, the network profile you are using right now is your “current profile.”

Mark the bubble for the following settings:

  • Turn off network discovery
  • Turn off file and printer sharing
  • Turn off Public folder sharing

Once you’ve done this be sure to Click Save Changes or they won’t take effect.

disable sharing in windows 7

Now you’re practically invisible to other computers on the network.  Of course, you’re never 100% safe. However, one more layer has been thrown up between your data and the villain.  Groovy Baby!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sharon

    I’ve done these steps SOOOOO many times on my Win 7/64 laptop. EVERY single time I log back on the computer, I have to change the settings again – it’s supposed to default to all those things “off” for “PUBLIC” profile – but not on my stupid computer! It simply defaults back to everything ON rather than off! Any help on getting it set for good would be very welcome!!

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