How To Create A Custom Bullet For Lists In Word 2010

Add custom bullets to word 2010No doubt if you use Word 2010 you’ve probably created a list at some point.  The default bullets are usually just fine however if you want to stand out and have a unique document then using custom bullets for your lists might just add that extra pizazz your looking for to stand out.  Plus, I always believe that knowledge is power so hey, if nothing else, read on and you can check the box for “I learned something today”.

Step 1

On the home ribbon under the Paragraph tab you’ll find the bullet button.  Click the drop-list attached to the bullet button and Select Define New Bullet

word 2010 paragraph bullet

Step 2

In the Define New Bullet window there are two viable options, Symbol or PictureSelect which one you prefer.

define new  bullet in word 2010

Step 3 – Symbols

If you chose symbol, the 2010 character map will appear.  Here you can Select any character that you like and it will be used as your bullet.  If you can’t find one you like in the default font, you can choose one from any Font that you have installed on your computer.

word 2010 character map

The default font is Symbol and it has a ton of characters that should work perfect for bullets.  Select a character that you like and Click OK.

character map word 2010

The new symbol you Selected will now show up as the bullet for your lists in your Microsoft Word document.

symbol bullet word 2010

Step 4 – Picture Bullets

If you chose Picture, the bullet picture library will appear.  Microsoft has pre-loaded a small gallery of image bullets that you can quickly choose from, however you might want to use your own image. To use your own custom image as a bullet, Click Import

picture bullet word 2010

Office will launch Windows Explorer and prompt you to pick which picture you would like to use, Select one from your computer and Click Add.

choose picture word 2010

The picture you chose will now show up as the bullet for your lists!

picture bullets word 2010


Customizing the bullets for lists in Microsoft Word 2010 was quick and easy.  If you choose the right bullet for the right type of document, it can have some groovy results.  Every time you add a new bullet it will store it in the bullet library which can be accessed from the same list in Step 1.  If you want to revert back to the original bullet, that is also available there.

microsoft word 2010 bullet library



  1. Leana

    November 6, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Thanks! Namaste.

  2. Peter

    November 14, 2011 at 4:41 am

    Thank you so much for making me happy, I needed new stuff and your kindness met my needs. Bless you, AUSTIN !!!

  3. Hank

    August 5, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Hey, Austin, thanks for the clear explanation. I was also wondering if there was a way to further customize the bullet list. For example, if I wanted to create bullets using words like task 1, task 2, etc., does Word 2010 provide a way to include those, too?

  4. Aquitania Holleran

    August 9, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Why is Word 10 flipping my new custom bullet upside down and how do I rectify it?

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