How-To Backup Wireless Network Credentials To A USB Stick

How to backup your wireless connection passwords to a USB stick in windows 7Do you have a lot of different network credentials to remember, and multiple computers or users that use them?  Be using the built-in Windows 7 backup tool you can save your network passwords to a USB stick automatically.  This process will work regardless whether are using a WEP, WPA, or TKIP security code to connect to your network or trying to connect to a friend’s network.


How To Save Wireless Network Settings To A Portable USB Drive

Step 1

Click the Windows Start Menu Orb then Type manage wireless into the search box and Press Enter.

manage wireless networks in windows 7

Step 2

Right-Click the network you want to backup and Select Properties from the context menu.

access the network properties window

Step 3

In the connection tab of the Properties window, Click Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive.

backup the network to a usb stick

Step 4

The setting backup tool will appear, just Click Next to complete the backup.

wireless connection backup tool in windows 7


Now just pop that USB stick into a computer and Select Connect to a wireless network when the AutoPlay pop-up appears.

use autoplay to connect to the saved network

Additionally, you can access the network settings from the text file saved on the USB stick in the SMRTNTKY folder called WSETTING.txt.
access your network credentials from the windows 7 text file

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