Fix Browser Crashes By Resetting IE8 [How-To]

imageWhile Internet Explorer has always been a little buggy, for many it is still the browser of choice.  While we await the much-anticipated IE9, here’s a trick that can help solve many of the problems caused by zealous add-on users and toolbar addicts.  Rather than try to hunt down the problem, just reset IE8!


How To Completely Reset Internet Explorer 8

1. In Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Click the Tools menu and Select Internet Options.

access the options menu in IE8

Alternatively, if the Tools menu is not available at the above location, you can access it by Pressing Alt+T on your keyboard while in IE8.


2. In the options window Click the Advanced tab and then Click the Reset button.

the advanced tab is where the IE8 reset button is located in options

3. A warning/confirmation window will appear. Click the Reset button.  Now all you have to do is wait for the reset dialog to finish, and you’re all done!

IE8 reset confirmation window

IE8 reset status.

After the reset is complete, go ahead and Close IE8.  When you start the browser back up, it should be running like it’s brand new!  Hopefully, this fixes most of your IE8 stability problems and might even clean it up a little, even if you weren’t having any.

groovy IE8 problem solved

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