How-To Change The Outlook 2010 Calendar Date Navigator Font

Outlook 2010 Date Navigator Font SizeHave you ever had trouble reading the numbers on your Outlook 2010 navigation calendar?  By default the numbers in the date navigator are small; only size 8.  If you use Outlook for your weekly or daily schedule then this can become an annoyance really quick.  Let’s make those calendar dates a little bigger!


Step 1

In Outlook 2010, Click the File ribbon and then Select Options.

outlook 2010 options menu

Step 2

In the left pane Click the Calendar tab and then Click the Font… button.

outlook calendar font size

Step 3

The font window should appear.  Here you can set Outlook 2010’s calendar font to whatever typeface and size you like.  The default from Microsoft is Segoe UI, size 8.*

Groovy Fact: Segoe UI is also the same font used by the Windows 7 operating system graphical user interface.

outlook default font


Now your date navigator should have the font that you set to it.  Personally I wanted a font that I could see standing across the room.  When you are taking business calls, having a visible calendar nearby works great for scheduling.  Not to mention that it is a A LOT easier to click the correct date now.

outoook 2010 date navigator big font

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank

    February 7, 2012 at 4:39 am

    Thanks for your reply, however, I am using Outlook for Mac and there is not an options choice on the file menu??

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