Add The Control Panel Back To My Computer In Window 7 [How-To]

Groovy Windows 7 How-To, Tips, and News In Windows XP the Control Panel was readily accessible when browsing My Computer, but in Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft removed the item.  Even though you can now access the control panel from the Start Menu, if you just want that “old school” feel then follow the instructions below on how to make that happen.

Also included at the bottom of this article is a pre-made registry fix file I created.  Feel free to download it if you don’t feel like running through the steps below.


How To Access The Control Panel From My Computer Using Windows 7


1. Click the Windows Start Menu Orb, Type regedit, and then Press Enter on your keyboard.

start up regedit in Windows 7


2. Browse to the following registry key:


add a new subkey to the NameSpace key in windows 7


3. Name your new key:


rename a registry key in windows 7


That’s all!  No need to restart the computer or explorer, all you have to do now is enjoy access to your Control Panel from the Computer window while browsing your computer.


Here’s the registry file, just download, extract and Double-Click it to apply.

Download The Windows 7 Control Panel In My Computer Registry Fix

view the control panel from my computer in windows 7

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