How-To Add Multiple Languages To Office 2010

Groovy Microsoft Office 2010 How-To, Tips, and NewsIf you often find yourself working in documents from multiple languages, it can save time to set up automatic support for each language.  In Microsoft Office 2010 you can configure your office programs for use with various languages, and here is how.


How To Enable Microsoft Office 2010 For Multiple Languages


1. Using a Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) then Click File and then Click Options.

launch office 2010 preferences and options


2. In the Options window, Click the Language tab.

adjust office 200 language options


3. In the language preferences window, Click the Add additional editing languages drop-menu.  Once you’ve Selected your language, Click Add.

add additional office 2010 languages


4. If the language you need isn’t English or Spanish, then next thing we need to do is install the language pack for Microsoft Office 2010.  You can get to the download by Clicking the Not Installed link next to your language.  Be sure to download the language pack version that matches your Office.  Note that even if you have a 64-bit system, it is still possible to have a 32-bit version of Office 2010 installed.

Once you’ve finished installing the language pack, Click Not enabled to set up the keyboard layout.

enable spell checking and keyboard layouts for ore languages in office 2010

download the 32-bit or 64-bit langage pack for office

At this point – done!  However, if you need to use a different keyboard layout for a non-English alphabet language then read on to learn how to enable it.


How To Enable Different Language Keyboard Layouts


5. After you Click Not enabled, the Text services and Input Languages window should appear.  Here Click the Add button.

install a new keyboard layout for office 2010


6. From the list Select your language and then Choose the best suitable keyboard layout you would like to use.  Once done, Click OK a few times to exit.

add the keyboard layout subtype


There we go!  Now you have support for multiple languages while using Office 2010.  To change the keyboard layouts in Office simply change the default language to the language you need.

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  1. Bill Glaser

    Unable to type special characters in Spanish, and I am very unhappy with Office 2010.

  2. Nigel Meredith

    I can’t use the translate facility to translate (eg Microsoft Translator) from English to anything but Spanish or French on Office 2010. I can on 2007 version. I have the Home/Student Edition. Is there a way…?

  3. vera

    Is it not possible to download proofing languages for Office 2010???

    Microsoft’s site offers downloads only for 2013!!!!

    what trash of a company

  4. Muhammed Alhamadi

    Many thanks for your excellent step by step explanation for adding languages to MS Office 2010.

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