How to Create Custom Shapes in a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Even though PowerPoint 2013 has tons of shapes, making your own adds a personal touch to a presentation. Here’s how to create your own custom shapes for presentations.

PowerPoint 2013 offers noticeably more shapes than its predecessors, but if you still can’t find the one you’re looking for it’s easy to create your own custom shape. Rather than using a drawing utility, PowerPoint allows you to add custom shapes by modifying existing shapes within its library. This tutorial will show you how to turn any PowerPoint shape into your own personalized creation.

PowerPoint 2013 Custom Shapes

To get started, open PowerPoint 2013 and click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

powerpoint insert

Next, click the Shapes button and choose a shape that’s most like the one you need to create. 

powerpoint 2013 shapes

Now open the Format tab and select the Edit Shape > Edit Points option.

edit points

Note: You can also access the Edit Points option from the right click menu when the mouse is over the shape.

context menu edit

Now to create your custom shape just click and drag the square black points into the position that transforms the shape into the custom dimensions you want.

move shapes with points

If the shape doesn’t have enough points to make what you need, you can add more by holding Shift and clicking on the line at any position to create a new draggable point.

shift to add

Points can likewise be removed by holding Ctrl and clicking them.

ctrl to remove

Once you have the exact shape you want, all that is left to do is color and add any text or effects you desire in the Format ribbon.

example custom shape created in powerpoint 2013

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jeroen

    March 31, 2013 at 5:14 am


    we are developing a powerpoint add in where you can both acces bot also save custom shapes. Since we are in the development phase, we do encourage people to give us feedback:

    Thank you for your ideas and thoughts!

    Jeroen Breugelmans

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