How to Remove the Annoying Paste Box From Microsoft Word

Have you ever wondered how to disable the annoying Copy and Paste Popup box in Microsoft Office? Here’s how to disable it.

Most of us use the basic Microsoft Office commands of Copy and Paste on a daily basis. Nothing too exciting there. But, I often get annoyed with the Paste Options pop-up which shows up each time I paste something into a Word document or Excel worksheet.

Disable Paste Box from Microsoft Word

The pop-up menu has a few useful options, but it mostly gets in the way and likes to linger around longer than necessary, slowing me down. Are you fed up with the Paste Options pop-up?  Let’s get rid of it!

Paste Options popup box in Word

We’re going to disable the Paste Options box in Word, but this procedure also applies to Excel and PowerPoint.

Go to File > Options. Then, click Advanced in the left pane on the Word Options dialog box.

In the Cut, copy, and paste section, uncheck the Show Paste Options button when content is pasted box.

Click OK.

Uncheck the Show Paste Options button when content is pasted box in Word

No More Annoying Paste Options Box

Now when you paste items into Microsoft Office documents, you will no longer be plagued by the Paste Options box. Yes, the popup can be useful, but the majority of the time it just gets in the way.



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    Thank you for this one. I find myself “plagued” all the time. I’m so glad there is someone like groovy post figuring out all this stuff for me! I look forward to the daily emails and save them for future reference.

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      Hi Laurie! All of us here at groovyPost thank you for the great feedback! We work hard to put something out everyday so thanks for taking the time to drop a note. We read EVERY comment. Also, feel free to comment on articles you love so we know what you groovyReaders want us to write about. Were geeks so we love to write about anything Tech. Might as well be what you guys are interested in!


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    • Gabrielle

      Thank you so much Austin. I was being driven nuts by the appearance of this Paste Option box every time I made a correction to my Dragonspeak text. Half my time was taken up removing it and then getting back to business. Your instructions were clear and I followed them easily. (I’m a blonde!)
      I’m grateful for your knowledge and your willingness to share it.

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    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!

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    thank god! This is SO ANNOYING! It got in my way ALL THE TIME. Thanks!

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    One person’s godsend is another person’s pox. WORD does try to be so much. So cool and for that its dedicated teams have my gratitude, especially now that the references function, e.g. citations, etc., is growing up in Office 2010. The software has a long way to go, however, before providing scholar-friendly word-processing with the tools of a Nota Bene. But nine out of 10 receiving institutions only take WORD .docs formats. So, like a fly in the room, there are constant pop-ups and flashes of margin readings, etc. Thanks for swatting at least one down.
    Here’s a tough question. How does one get the references’ master list to print out or even copy?
    Thanks very much.

  9. heidisierra

    Thank you!!

  10. Tony Thomas

    When i copy and paste i want the original format of the internet with the hyperlink but my word document only shows keep text only format and checked.
    (File/options/advanced/cut,copy and paste) it is all set on (Keep source formatting(Default)). and still i see only the keep text only format on the paste option.

  11. Chris

    Thank you so much, I get really tired of Microsoft doing all this unnecessary crap that just annoys you more than being helpful. All this extra stuff and clutter should be disabled by default in my opinion.

  12. Robert

    I usually use Notepad++. but occasionally have to use Word. Word sure seems bloated and distracting. Thanks for helping me quiet Word down a little.

    Thank you!

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    I did this and it STILL SHOWS UP! Grrrrrrrr.

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      I had to do it a couple of times. :/

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    Thank you so much!!! Very helpful.

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      You bet! Glad it helped you out. Thanks for the comment.

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  15. Bruce

    It stops the paste options from showing up when you alt v but when right clicking and selecting paste, the option bar still shows up. Any idea on how to remove the paste option when right clicking to paste?

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    THANK YOU!!!

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  17. Ferd

    Yes, very irritating thing, that paste bar. The thing that fascinates me the most is that this paste bar is implemented like this. That it lingers on to do more pastes i can understand, but after 2 or 3 seconds it should be clear the user wants to move on. Probably it is simply forgotten to program a time limit.

  18. Daniel

    Thank you. This was getting to be a new Clippy….

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    From Belgium thanks too, what a annoying thingie from MS, it must be in their way too when they design it? Whatever, I can go back to work again without this annoying menu in my screen. Have a nice day

  20. Wojtek Sokolowski

    Thanks a lot. This was helpful. The “nanny corporation” approach that Micro$oft et al. take is really annoying. Why don’t they turn all their “options” off by default and let the user decide which one he or she needs?

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I find the Paste Bar useful at times and don’t want it to go away permanently. When it does get in my way, I find that pressing the escape key will make it go away.

    • Kailasa

      Thanks Matt!
      I didn’t want to completely disable this function as this article describes…just wanted to get rid of the icon once I didn’t need it. (In older versions of Word it would disappear after the next text entry/selection/etc.
      Thank you for solving my problem!!!

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    been getting in the way for years and just today i bothered to look up how to do something about it.

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    i just wonder if you can help me with similar topic,”how to disable paste option in access 2010″? because there is no advanced option…..thank you.

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    Thank you so much for this. I finally took care of this after having been annoyed by it for so long. I can’t understand why they would put that feature.
    Anyways, thank you so much!!

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      Ha! Well I’m glad you found our tip vs. lose a monitor! Really happy you found our site! Thanks for the comment.

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    Looking for for alternate ways to remove it, see same instructions on many other sites.

    Paste Options still show up even with everything unchecked, seen other comments about this.

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    Thank you! That was helpful. Why can’t the Word “Help” section be that easy?

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    Many thanks for this. I’m trying to fix a fiddly list and not an expert Word user. This was driving me nuts! It was covering bits of text I needed to select.

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      You know what’s funny? I used this tip back with Word 2013 then forgot about it. Just fixed it again myself on 2016!

      Glad this tip helped you out! Be sure to share the link back here with your friends!


  43. timmyjoe42

    Excellent. Helped me out. I’m not sure why MicroSoft feels the need to have this turned on AND to always have it pop up right where my cursor is so I can’t see where I am typing.

    • Steve Krause

      Agreed. It’s pretty much “always” in my way.

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    REALLY annoying!Very helpful Thank you!

  45. Jennifer

    Any tips on doing it for Powerpoint 2016 for Mac? I can’t find the options you show in the instructions. This paste options box is driving me crazy!!

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      Please reply if you find a solution. I have the same problem. Arrrgh!

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    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! This has been driving me crazy for months! Finally got fed up with it today and decided to fix the problem once and for all! You are awesome!!!

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      Please reply if you find a solution. I have the same problem.

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    Thank you Thank You THANK YOU. Would the person from Microsoft that “enabled this” please comment? I often wonder on “WHY” with so many things you do. An explanation would help, so we don’t think bad of MicroSoft.

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