How to Manually Update to the Latest Microsoft Office Release


If you hate waiting on Microsoft to send you the latest Microsoft Office update, just follow these two steps to manually update your copy of Office to the latest version.

Microsoft O365 subscribers receive updates to Microsoft Office products each month. Sometimes the updates include bug fixes and security updates, while others include awesome new features like AutoSave. Although Microsoft will updates users automatically, they stagger the updates not to overload their servers. If you’re like me, I hate waiting, so here’s how you can manually update your Office Apps to the latest version from Microsoft.

Update to Latest Version of Office

  1. Launch any of the Microsoft Office Apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Click File >  Accountmanually-update-microsoft-office
  2. Click Update Options > Update Now

If an update is needed, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. If you already have the latest version, Office will let you know, and the update process will end.




  1. Wallace Ledford

    The link you give for How to Manually Update to the Latest Microsoft Office Release and Introducing AutoSave for Microsoft Office 2016, are the same link. They both carry you to :
    Introducing AutoSave for Microsoft Office 2016.
    I really wanted to see your write up on How to Manually Update to the Latest Microsoft Office Release!!!

  2. Dirgster

    Thanks for all your great tips from which I have learned so much!
    With Office 365, I also have the German language Pack installed, When I follow your instructions for manually updating the latest Microsoft Office release, the instructions I get are in German. Is there a way to make those prompts appear in English?
    Your help is much appreciated!

  3. Richard

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING. I just updated through Outlook MS Office 365 as you instructed and the update took place, and then Outlook closed and rebooted automatically! This is a Great Tip…thanks for posting!!!

    • Steve Krause

      You’re very welcome Richard! Glad the tip was timely for ya.

      Thnx for reading!


  4. Wayne

    If these people were too stupid to know how to update MS Office, maybe they shouldn’t be using it in the first place.

    • Joel

      I think this is completely the opposite of “How to manually update Office”. This is how to use an automated tool already built into Office, to update Office.

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