Manually Update Google Chrome Extensions

Sometimes Chrome doesn’t update extensions quickly enough. When that fails, go in for a hasty manual update.

By default, Chrome automatically updates every extension you install. But when things go haywire, there’s a built in tool for manually forcing an update. This button isn’t visible to the naked eye, so we’ll outline where it is.

Visit the chrome://chrome/extensions/ page. You can reach this by typing in the address or browsing through the Settings >> Options menu.

Once there, click the Developer Mode button at the top-right.

chrome extensions page

A few additional options will appear below. Click the Update Extensions Now button to force an update.
update extensions now

All done, your extensions will be updated. If changes don’t reflect an update when there should have been one, restart Chrome.

You can also double-check version numbers on each extension to be sure that the update is applied.

chrome extension version checker

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