How to Manage Mobile Data Usage On Windows Phone

If you’re a Windows Phone owner on a limited data plan, you don’t want to go over your limits. Here’s how to limit data on WP 8.1 and Win 10 Mobile.

We recently detailed how you can effectively manage your mobile data in iOS using the free app My Data Manager. In addition to being an iOS user, I also use a Windows Phone. Unfortunately, there is no app like My Data Manager for Windows Phone.

But you can use the built-in settings to help manage your mobile data efficiently. Here is a look at how you can do that.

I use a pre-paid plan on my smartphones since it’s less expensive and easier to manage. When I add credit to my phone then activate the plan, I am notified of the amount of data I have on my phone and when it expires.

Manage Data Windows Phone 8.1

Swipe down then tap All Settings then swipe down then tap Data Sense.

wp_ss_20151201_0010 wp_ss_20151201_0002

Next, select Set Limit.


Tap the Limit type list box then tap the limit type you want to use and then select how many days your plan will last.

wp_ss_20151201_0004 wp_ss_20151201_0005

Enter the amount of available data then enable Restrict background data usage, this will limit background applications from sipping your data. You should also enable restrictions for roaming.

wp_ss_20151201_0006 wp_ss_20151201_0007

When your data is near its limit that is usually half way into your data, a notification will be sent.

wp_ss_20151201_0008 wp_ss_20151201_0009

Set Data Limit in Windows 10 Mobile

If you’re running Windows 10 Mobile on your phone, it includes the ability to set your data limit, too. To access it head to Settings > Network & Wireless > Data usage and tap Set limit.

Then choose the limit type for your data plan, what you want to limit it to, and tap Save.

Data Useage Windows 10 Mobile

I have seen significant savings in data when I enable these settings. I even have enough to roll over to a new plan, which means, I have more data to do more with my phone.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Giannis

    November 3, 2018 at 6:38 am

    Phone:Lumia 640xl lte
    OS: Windows 10 morning mobile
    Set data limit on my device is disabled.
    Is there a fix?

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