How to Manage Microsoft Forms Using Collections

You can keep your forms, surveys, and quizzes organized and categorized to find them easier. Here’s how to use Microsoft Forms Collections.

If you use Microsoft Forms to create your surveys, quizzes, or forms, you now have a way to keep your items organized. Introduced in the fall of 2021, Collections let you manage your forms by arranging them in groups.

With Collections, you can organize quizzes for each class or term, surveys for customers or employees, and forms for sign-ups or registrations. However you want to group your forms, Collections in Microsoft Forms makes it easy.

How to Create a Collection in Microsoft Forms

If you want to create a collection in Microsoft Forms:

  1. Open Microsoft Forms and sign in.
  2. Click All My Forms on the bottom right of the main page.
  3. At the top, click New Collection.
    New Collection in Microsoft Forms
  4. Give your Collection a name and click Create.

Name a Collection

Add Forms to a Microsoft Teams Collection

Once you create a Collection, you can quickly add surveys, quizzes, or forms.

To do this, open More Options for a form by clicking the three dots. Slide your cursor to Move to a collection and then click the Collection’s name.

Add a form to a Collection

View Your Collections in Microsoft Teams

To see and work with your Collections, click All My Forms on the main Microsoft Forms page. Your Collections will appear at the top whether you use List or Tiles view.

Click a Collection to open it and work with the forms inside.

View Collections in Microsoft Forms

Create a New Form in a Collection

If you want to create a new form within a Collection, rather than move it after the fact, start by opening the Collection. At the top, pick New Form or New Quiz.

Create a form in a Collection

Set up your form as you usually would, and it will form part of that Collection automatically.

Remove or Move a Form From a Collection

You can remove a form from a Collection or move it to a different Collection.

To do this, click More Options (three dots) for the form and select the Remove from collection option. Alternatively, slide your cursor to Move to a collection and pick a Collection name.

Remove or Move a form

Edit a Microsoft Teams Collection

After you create a Collection in Microsoft Teams, you can rename, copy, or delete it.

To do this, click More Options for the Collection on your My Forms screen and select an option.

Edit a Collection in Microsoft Forms

Note: If you choose to delete a Collection, it will move to the Recycle Bin along with all of its forms.

Stay Organized With Microsoft Forms Collections

Collections in Microsoft Forms are ideal for keeping your items organized, especially if you have many forms to work with. Since you can create as many Collections as you like, you’ll no longer have to scroll through all of your forms to find the one you want. Just open the Collection, and you’re set.

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