Make YouTube Your Streaming Music Service

YouTube is a great resource that lets you make playlists for your favorite music through the web and apps. Here’s how to make it your free music service.

Remember when MTV first came out? Well, today’s youth use YouTube as its MTV to watch music videos and discover new music. We’ve covered how to create playlists in YouTube before, and here are a few more ways to turn YouTube into your free online streaming music service.

YouTube Disco

YouTube has an experimental page that will let you find and playback music quickly. The YouTube Music Discovery Project or YouTube Disco is one of them. Go to the site, type in a band or artist you want to hear and click Disco. It also lists a top 100 and trending bands and artists.

YouTube Disco

At the bottom of the screen is a playlist where you can select different videos. Click Options and you can save a playlist or load a different one.

YouTube Disco Playlist

Another cool feature is clicking the Top Tracks, and you can just sit back and let them all play.

Top Tracks

YouTube Related Music

Another awesome site is YouTube Related Music at Appspot. Just like YouTube Disco, type in the band you want to check out and click Search.

Search YouTube Related Music

Then you’re presented with the results – all pulled from YouTube — which you can select from the left column. Videos are streamed similar to streaming radio like MOG or Spotify. If you don’t want to hear the upcoming track, just close out of it. In the right column, you’ll find related videos to the artist you selected. It’s a fun service and worth checking out.

YouTube Related Music

YouTube Playlists for Android and iOS

There are several apps available to create YouTube playlists on your Android or Apple tablet or Smartphone. Here’s a look at two of my favorites, starting with iTube for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Like most other apps, it includes pre-configured playlists, and you can create your own too. The ad-supported version is free and is $0.99 as an in-app purchase to remove them.

iTube iOSiTube iPod Playlist

My favorite app for creating YouTube playlists for Android is NextVid. Not only does it let you create playlists from YouTube, but also music from

Android NextVid

Using YouTube is a great way to listen to your favorite music in playlists without paying for a subscription. Plus you can check out live performances and music videos. Of course, it doesn’t only have to be music, you can do it with any interests you have.

Do you have a favorite site, utility or app that you use for creating YouTube playlists? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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